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Volunteer Qualities We Are Looking For

Professional qualifications

  • Teachers
  • Nursery nurses
  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Doctors
  • Educational Managers
  • Consultants
  • ICT teachers
  • Special needs teachers
  • SEN support staff
  • Social workers
  • Community heath workers
  • Gap students and those with degrees will be considered.

All volunteers need to be enthusiastic, practical and team players. They also need to be self motivated, flexible, adaptable and dust resistant. Although we deal with some people in extreme conditions, you need to have a realistic approach and not one of wishing to save the world. A tolerance of the fact that you will be living in a different environment to home is a must. You will spend some of your time in the company of other volunteers but African families tend to be full of many members, so there is little time to be on your own. A tolerance to the snoring of others is a must, and a sense of humour is a great advantage.


  • A stay of 4 weeks - but this is negotiable
  • Self-funding for travel, accommodation and recreational costs
  • Will live with local families in rural setting

Volunteers are encouraged to live with local families and involve themselves with the community on every level e.g. sharing meals, sharing choir rehearsals, church on Sundays, visiting relatives or even attending family celebrations or funerals. In this way they begin to get an insight into the real lives of the communities in which they have chosen to stay and work.
On a professional level volunteers are asked to look at their own practice and particular strengths and prepare a training workshop to share good practise and skills with their African colleagues during their time in the Limpopo.

Teachers are encouraged to model lessons and conduct workshops, develop skills alongside local teachers but not teach independently due to language and contractual constraints.

Health care workers will offer support as required plus training if practical.

Social services work alongside projects and share support plus training if practicable.

Registered Charity Number 1101770
Created by Simon Jarvis